Credit Card Declined

On some situations, your Credit Card purchase will be declined by our system. Possible reasons for this can be:

  • The bank refused to authorize the payment - Possible reasons for this can be an exceeded credit limit, an incorrect expiry date or insufficient balance. Please double check the details you entered and your account balance.
  • Our credit card processor is UK based, and some banks/credit cards block transactions that come from foreign institutions. You may need to call your bank to allow it. You can also set your bank account to say you are on holidays in the UK, which will allow UK transactions.
  • Our credit card gateway is refusing cards from your country - Our credit card handler determines certain countries (Nigeria, Vietnam etc..) to be too high a risk of credit card fraud and simply wont accept payments from those countries.
  • There was a technicial glitch of some sort - Ontraport will attempt to charge your card again within the next 3 days.

Possible solutions:

  • Try switching to a different credit card.
  • Mark yourself as on holiday in the United Kingdom for an extended amount of time (like a year)
  • If you are purchasing/renewing a subscription of our White Label Newsletters, consider signing up for a year. Its significantly cheaper and you only have to unblock the transaction temporarily.
  • White-list WHITTY IDEAS from your bank

If you need more help, please email us at